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Create a Life & Relationships You Love

Find resources that teach you to use the principles of love to improve all areas of your life below.

If you're a student of life...

You're in the right place.

At Donna Lindsay Coaching & Consulting, I take a strategic approach to individual empowerment, group coaching, and organizational restoration. I guide you towards identifying barriers to positive thinking, improving your communication, establishing boundaries, and reclaiming your confidence.

25 Affirmations for your Self-Love Journey

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25 Affirmation for Self-Love Journey

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I'm Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna Lindsay is a #1 best-selling author, international motivational speaker, certified professional coach, and educator. With over 20 years of experience in coaching and personal development, she has helped thousands of individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Her unique coaching approach combines love, empowerment, and self-awareness principles to help her clients create a life they love.

Coach Dr. Donna Lindsay


Mr. & Mrs. Black America pageant
Certified Professional Life Coach
Business Talk Radio
Caribbean Edge

Start your Journey of Self-Love

Shop our Collection of books and jumpstart your journey to healing.

Love Me First Masterclass is a course that I teach virtually and in-person. We dive into the roadblocks to self-love in your life.


Best-Selling Book

Writer's Workshop is a course I developed for aspiring authors to overcome the challenges of writing a book.


Changing Lives One Story at a Time

Angel Carter

I loved the Love Me First Masterclass! I love how interactive the class is and how it helped me to identify and root out negative strongholds and fears.
A. Carter client review
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