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Hi, I'm Dr. Donna. The Self-Love Strategist.

Dr. Donna Lindsay is internationally known as the Self-Love Strategist. For the last 20 years, she has instrumentally engaged individuals, groups, and organizations in empowerment sessions using principles of love to enhance and improve their overall performance in all areas of their lives. Dr. Donna specializes in self-love activation. Her strategic approach to individual empowerment, group coaching, and organizational restoration has positioned her to become pursued as a coach, consultant, and speaker.

Coach Dr. Donna Lindsay

Throughout her 20+ year career Dr. Lindsay has authored four books, including Self-Love: A Journey Not a Destination and her recent release Leading in Love.  She holds multiple degrees, including a doctorate in Pastoral Psychology from Maranatha Christian University.

My mission is simple: to share proven strategies and tools that empower you to create a better life. Self-love is a transformational journey.


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Take a step toward the life you want. I can show you how.

Love My Way Collective

An interactive Facebook Group that engages women in discussions, polls, training, and activities centered around improving their self-love journey.

Free Resources for you, no
matter what stage you're in.

Get your free copy of 25 Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Love Journey or Mommy Time: A Self-Love Guide for Moms on the Go.

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