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Writer's Workshop


This transformational course will jumpstart your journey as a new author. Doors open in 2025!

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What is the WRiTE NOW! Writer’s Workshop?

WRiTE NOW! Writer’s Workshop is the high-caliber online training experience for individuals who want to tell their story.‍ Whether you’re an aspiring author or you’ve written before, our training gives you all the tools and support you need to activate the mechanics of writing, establish SMART writing goals, identify your target audience, fast-track your growth as an author — saving you years of frustration.

We’ve helped new authors write their first book and impact many lives.


Writing requires strategy. By identifying specific and realistic goals, you position yourself to develop a writing plan with clear timelines that lead to the creation of an impactful book.


Writing can be intimidating. Learn the mechanics of writing, how to brainstorm your idea, and create an outline that leads to an empowering and inspiring book.


Writing is a journey. An on-going process. Let’s identify your frustrations, and answer your questions so that you can move forward with confidence and tell your story.

Just imagine writing coaching that includes…

"The WRiTE NOW! Writers Workshop with Dr. Lindsay was amazing. I had no idea that I had so many words and ideas locked inside of me and it is because of her that I am curious about what the final product of my book will look like. If you get the opportunity to attend her Writer's Workshop I say find a seat quick and come with pen and and paper because the words that you have been searching for will float out of your mind and onto the paper. She does an amazing job of helping you unlock your thoughts and putting them to purpose. The workshop is very interactive and inspiring to say the least."


WRiTE NOW! Writer's Workshop will help you...




What's Included...

3 Hour Course

WRiTE NOW! Writer’s Workshop is a 3-hour virtual course that will deepen your understanding of what it takes to become a best-selling author, all from the comfort of your home. Through online discussions and interactive activities, you will acquire the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to become the author you desire to be.

Interactive Workbook

The WRiTE NOW! Writer’s Workshop interactive workbook is designed to help you overcome fear and embrace the aspiring author who lives within you. Through various reflection exercises and creative writing prompts, you will experience a very practical approach to the writing process. Using this workbook will improve your writing and move you forward in the writing process.

Group Coaching

The group coaching model, brings you and other participants together to learn, grow, and develop new skills in a supportive environment.  Through a variety of independent activities, interactive exercises, and group discussions, you will develop as a writer by identifying your WHY, pinpointing your ideal reader, organizing your notes, gaining the strategies needed to overcome writer’s block, and improving your overall confidence. 

Intended Audience

The WRiTE NOW! Writer’s Workshop is an interactive course for aspiring female authors, 18+ years old, who desire to share their stories, testimonies, and ideas with an audience of readers seeking to move forward in their life’s journey.

Who teaches the WRiTE NOW! Writer's Workshop?

Writer's Workshop is led by Dr. Donna Lindsay, 4X author, speaker, and educator, has impacted people's lives at various stages in their life’s journey. With over 29 years in the field of education, she has empowered, inspired, and motivated various students in the area of writing. Dr. Donna has decided to package her lessons and activities into a workshop that is designed to move you forward in your journey as an author. Dr. Donna will help you identify your ideal reader, set realistic goals, and practice the mechanics of writing.

What you learn in the WRiTE NOW! Writer's Workshop is based on Dr. Donna's 15+ years of experience as an author. In this Workshop, her upbeat, engaging, and optimistic approach to education strategically creates an atmosphere for your thoughts to be stirred and creativity to be activated.

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