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Your Story - Life is a Journey!

Throughout life, I am sure you’ve experienced a fair share of ups, and down's. Oftentimes, you don't realize how much life's situations, circumstances, people, and sometimes geographic locations have impacted the navigation of your life’s journey until you hit a roadblock. Each experience has been welcomed into your soul to shape your perception, fashion your outlook, impact your interactions, run your business, and raise your children.

Whether you realize it or not, your story has impacted how you love yourself and extend that love to others. As you continue to walk out your journey, it is vitally important that you set aside quality time to reflect on the poor decisions you’ve made, the unresolved issues that you refuse to address, the broken relationships you’ve failed to release, or the emotional challenges you hold onto because for whatever reason you believe they validate your existence.

As an adult, you have probably fallen into a pattern of behavior some refer to as “survival mode”. This pattern of behavior causes you to suppress your hurt, avoid your pain, ignore your failures, run from your fears, operate in anxiety and rehearse your insecurities. Why?  Societal pressures, social media, circles of friends, spiritual beliefs, culture, and spheres of influence can require you to demonstrate strength, fortitude, composure, and confidence at all times. Without knowing it, you comply or surrender to the peer pressure that exists well beyond secondary school. You convince yourself that what you went through is no longer an issue, or the choices you made as a youth no longer impact your adult life.

However, as you move forward, consider the decisions you’ve made, review your trials and tribulations through the lens of wisdom and understanding. Knowing, that each circumstance was designed to build character, develop compassion and teach you how to walk in love. Most importantly, walk in self-love. Life is a process! There are decisions that will make you proud and others that will make you want to run, hide, lie, or cover up, because the outcomes are so embarrassing. However, when you learn to own your story, walk in your truth (no matter how difficult), accept your weaknesses, learn to love yourself unconditionally, you are ready to embrace YOUR STORY and all it has to offer.

Questions to consider as you embark upon your self-love journey:

  • What did you like about your childhood?

  • What didn't you like about your childhood?

  • How have the positive and negative things about your childhood impacted your life?

  • How have the positive and negative things about your childhood impacted your decisions?

  • How have the positive and negative things about your childhood impacted your relationships?

  • How will you demonstrate self-love today?

"I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." ~ Brene Brown


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