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Self-Love: A Journey Not a Destination is the ultimate road trip.  Self-Love Strategist, Dr. Donna Lindsay, leads you to explore the decisions that have caused delays, the poor choices that led to heavy traffic, the traumatic experiences that created roadblocks, and the failures that hindered reconstruction.  As you embark upon this transformative journey allow yourself to traffic the unknown territories of your heart, and the vast regions of your mind to learn how to love yourself unconditionally.

The Self-Love Journal is designed to help cultivate unconditional love towards yourself, engage in healthy relationships, and enhance and improve your performance in ALL areas of your life.  Journaling provides the opportunity to release the negative thoughts, conversations, and interactions of the day.  It can also be used to set goals, prioritize daily activities, and write out personal affirmations.  The Self-Love Journal accompanied by the book, Self-Love: A Journey Not a Destination are two amazing empowering, motivating, and liberating tools that will help to activate your self-love journey.

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