Improving Emotional Health by Releasing Destructive Thoughts

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Emotional Health is vital to our existence.  Emotionally healthy individuals interact with others in a positive manner, have the ability to adapt in a variety of environments, experience greater task productivity, and love themselves unconditionally.  Negative thoughts are a barrier and hinder your individual growth.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Where do negative thoughts come from?

  • What hinders your positive thoughts?

  • Tips and strategies to overcome negative and destructive thoughts.


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5-Day Positive Thoughts Challenge

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How often do negative thoughts flood your mind throughout the day? Have you ever said I'm poor at interviewing, not smart enough to build a business, or ineffective in relationships,?  Then this Positive Thoughts Challenge is for YOU!!!!


The purpose of this 5-Day Positive Thoughts Challenge is to improve your thought process by:

  • speaking positively into your life

  • expressing gratitude to yourself and others

  • loving yourself unconditionally

  • practicing mindful meditation

  • learning how to re-state your negative thoughts in a positive way


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