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A Journey Not a Destination
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Release and Move Forward!

Dr. Donna Lindsay, known nationally and internationally as the Self-Love Strategist has energetically engaged individuals, groups, and organizations in empowerment sessions using principles of love to enhance and improve their overall performance in ALL areas of their lives. She specializes in self-love activation and organic team building.  Her strategic approach to individual empowerment, group coaching, and organizational restoration has positioned her to become pursued as a coach, consultant, and speaker. 

People who work with Dr. Donna achieve:


Transformed Mindsets

Before self-love activation can begin, it's important that you do a deep dive into your thoughts.  Everything positive or negative, good or bad, productive or unproductive starts with a thought.  Together, we will identify the barriers to your positive thinking and use replacement strategies to create new ones.

Self-Love Activation

Self-Love is the ability to love yourself unconditionally.  Everything that you've endured from birth until now has positively or negatively impacted your ability to love yourself.  Through discussions and personalized activities, you will cultivate an understanding of love, identify the people or situations that have impacted the ability to love unconditionally, and set goals to activate self-love.

Personal Goal Setting

By setting goals, you are creating a “road map” for yourself or your organization that keeps you forward-thinking.  Through various goal-setting activities, you will be able to create a long-term vision that is cultivated by short-term motivation. These personalized goals will help you to narrow your focus and organize your time wisely. Each goal-setting session is personalized to meet the individual or organization's needs.

Improved Communication Skills
Communication is the key to your success!  Being able to share your thoughts successfully in your home, work and social life will allow you to move through your day with great ease and tremendous success. Together, we will work on developing your positive self-talk and overcoming the blocks that you may encounter when you are expressing yourself in any arena.

Relationship/Team Building Skills

Why build relationships?  Having the ability to build positive, productive, and healthy relationships is key to our life's success and overall performance.  Whether you are fine-tuning your personal relationships or attempting to navigate the challenges of your work relationships, both play a significant role in how you engage with yourself and others.  Together, we will discuss how various relationships have impacted your life's journey and create a plan to move forward.


“Dr. Donna has encouraged me tremendously! I have learned from her that I must continue to strive and not settle; to be more confident in my abilities. She is such an amazing role model and a beautiful example of a woman after God's own heart.”  

Cherisse Fearon

Plantation, FL

Angel Carter.jpg

"I absolutely loved the Love Me First Masterclass! I love how interactive the class is and how it helped me to identify and root out negative strongholds and fears. I would most definitely take more of these classes. Self-love is a journey and I'm willing to invest in myself. Thank you Dr. Donna Lindsay for this class and your help in finding myself." 

Angel Carter

Sunrise, FL


“Fear and insecurity almost crippled me. A God-fearing woman saw the GOOD in me, helped me out of darkness, and brought me into the light. This was not easy and she never gave up on me. Fifteen years later, I can confidently say that I am walking in God's divine purpose for my life. I thank God every day for Dr. Donna’s style of leadership that helps unbelievers to believe. She is like a midwife to so many. Always pushing people to excel beyond their potential. I have overcome many obstacles in my life because of Donna’s great leadership.  Thanks DJL”.

Elaine Johnson

Ft Lauderdale, FL


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