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Wet Flower



Imagine looking up and hovering over you is a huge mass of water with only the intent to destroy. Gray in color, opaque in nature, with all kinds of debris moving throughout. You think to yourself, “A storm! It came fast! It came out of nowhere! You blink your eyes, the wave falls, and just like that, you are consumed. Leadership can be consuming, and your ship will slowly begin to submerge without adequate guidance.


Leading in Love: Heart-Driven Leadership is filled with strategies acquired over Dr. Donna Lindsay’s thirty years as a leader in education, fine arts, and religion. Through its heartfelt, practical, and motivational approach, this book will help leaders to evaluate their current thought patterns and practices to successfully navigate the hardships, frustrations, and insecurities associated with leadership. Then, with a transformed heart and a renewed mindset, they will embark upon an inspirational journey to “weather the storm” and propel their organizations, businesses, and families forward as they Lead in Love.

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